Daphna C.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Beachwood Canyon

"Christine has changed our lives. I'm a working mom with a young baby, and I've never been much of a cook. Nor is my husband. Not only does Christine save us a lot of money on food, but we're eating so much better. She comes once or twice a week and stocks our fridge with delicious homemade food. No stupid meal plans. I can't express how much less we stress about what we're going to eat, how to time things, or if the food will be healthy enough. She's customized meals for my dietary restrictions and is open to trying new things. I'm so grateful to have found her."

Summer & Tristan D.

Photographer & Executive Producer - Culver City

"Lifesaver. Our family of five is eating so much more healthfully and mindfully because of Christine. Not sure what we ever did without her weekly delivery. Not to mention, she makes the whole thing super easy and enjoyable (everything from selecting and ordering to delivery and payment). She’s the best, and we are so, so lucky to have met her."


Composer & Songwriters - North Hollywood

"Christine is an amazing chef. We couldn't be happier with her service. It's so nice to have homemade, healthy, gourmet meals delivered to our home."

Kristina D.

V.P. Global Marketing - Santa Monica

"My husband and I both love to cook healthy meals for our family, but due to long work schedules I decided to try Daley Delivery. OMG, it’s the best! To come home from work on Monday and find our fridge fully stocked with healthy dinners and yummy lunches is a dream come true. Christine's kale salad, turkey meatballs and lentil soup are my favorites, so far; and my kids have loved every meal as well! It’s so good, I now can’t wait for MONDAYS! Believe it or not, we are also saving money -- less takeout for dinner on busy nights and we're able to pack healthy lunches to bring to work. Thank you Christine!!!"

Joe T. & Erin C.

Actors & Writers - West hollywood

"Christine is fantastic. 

We love eating family style because it feels like we can eat on our own schedule since our life is so fast paced and we hate food going to waste!

Christine puts a lot of thought and care into her creations. She is so sweet, delivers everything herself...her portions are generous and will work with us to make any adjustments we need to the dishes.

She will bring lots of containers and dressings and toppings and there is some light assembly/reheating required. Once you have containers for her to fill there is no waste! No plastic, no styrofoam...thoughtful for the environment!

We love working with her and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a little delicious support for their busy schedules."

Alex S.

Writer & Business Manager - Los Angeles

"I work full-time from home and have an infant, and Daley Delivery is a godsend! Because of our schedules, my husband & I were ordering take-out a lot, which was making it harder to lose the baby weight and not nearly as nutritious. I was hesitant to sign up for weekly food delivery due to the cost, as we're saving to buy a home, until I did the math and realized this costs less. Christine's food is perfectly prepared so that - once warmed - it tastes freshly made, even after a few days in the fridge. The first time we had the lemon chicken I literally talked about it for 2 days. The food is affordable, expertly made, hearty, healthy, and delicious. If I had the time to shop, prep and cook myself I would love to. But I don't (and it wouldn't taste like this). I recommend this without reservation. There's no commitment, you can order on a weekly basis or skip weeks if you want to - but once you start you won't want to stop. Side note: turkey meatballs, squash with cilantro sauce, and the steak with salsa - oh my geezus, so good!"