Meal Plans

My goal is to fill your fridge with delicious, healthy food while saving you money and reducing your waste. 

First, pick the best plan that suits your week.

Second, choose your items from the suggested list, but if there's something you'd love to eat that's not on the menu, I'm happy to customize your plan - please let me know of any allergies, dislikes or restrictions like paleo, gluten free, dairy free, etc.

Next, I will shop, prepare, and cook your menu before delivering to your home to transfer your food. All you need to do is provide containers for storage in your fridge (ideally glass so you can reheat as is).



Select your plan


Choose from the menu


Reheat & eat


Plan 1

5 Meals

Have some dinners out or friends in town? This plan is perfect if you're looking to get some flexibility into your week.

Equivalent to 2 lunches + 3 dinners
Choose 2 proteins, 1 pasta, 1 soup + 2 sides
Homemade granola upon request


plus cost of food


Plan 2

8 Meals

Great for those who would like to eat at home throughout the week with a little flexibility.

Equivalent to 4 lunches + 4 dinners
Choose 2 proteins, 1 pasta, 1 soup + 3 sides
Homemade granola upon request


plus cost of food


Plan 3


plus cost of food

10 Meals

Perfect if you would like to have a full week of food! You'll never have to think about preparing anything and still have a regular eating schedule.

Equivalent to 5 lunches + 5 dinners
Choose 3 proteins, 1 pasta, 1 soup + 4 sides
Homemade granola upon request



Do you find yourself exhausted when you get home, throwing out groceries you didn't have the time to cook, and eating take out more than you'd like? Then this is the best gift to give yourself!

Daley Delivery will help you:

  • Save money

  • Have more free time

  • Reduce your waste

  • Eat healthy, home-cooked meals from my kitchen to yours.