Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be saving money?

Most of my clients say that at the end of the month, having used Daley Delivery once a week, they are equal to if not saving money they usually spend on groceries and take-out. Also know that you will never be wasting groceries. You’re actually splitting costs with other clients and that adds up in savings!

May I order things not on the menu?

I welcome recipes and requests! The menu is there to help get your taste buds excited as well as guide you in picking out what you’d like for the week. I’m happy to work with you with any restrictions or diets you may have as well. 

Is the plan per person or per household?

 The plan is per household and is designed for two adults (maybe a small child as well) for three nights of food with a little extra.

Do I need Tupperware? What brand is best?

Although I used to suggest a set of glassware, I found an incredible company making oven safe (up to 12 mins at 300 degrees), freezer safe, compostable tupperware.

How much notice do I need to give you for an order?

What’s the cancelation policy? 

All deliveries are made on Tuesday. I ask that all orders be placed through the website form by noon on Saturday.

If you need to cancel your order, please make sure that it is by midnight on Sunday.

Can I gift your service for a friend who has recently had a baby, is getting out of the hospital, or just as a friendly gift? 

Yes! Please contact me through email and let me know what plan you'd like to gift. I'll then be in touch with the recipient for their desired menu and best times for delivery.